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Name:Emily Hottel King
Birthdate:Jan 27
Location:Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States of America
Who Am I?

By definition, an introduction is flawed. It's not the whole story because it's not intended to be. I can give you a blurb, an orientation, but you and I both know there's a lot more going on. So don't take this stuff too seriously.

    ~ My name is Emily.
    ~ I'm female and in my early thirties.
    ~ I live in Virginia Beach, VA with my husband, 2 dogs, 5 cats and 1 baby human.
    ~ From 9 to 5 I'm a graphic designer.
    ~ I'm other things, too, though. Writer. Artist. Cook. Laundress.
    ~ I've been spiritually abused, but I still love God.
    ~ I've been through a divorce, but I still believe in commitment.
    ~ I have an eating disorder, but I'm learning to love food and my body.
    ~ I've done bad things, but I know I'm not bad.
    ~ I've done good things, but I know I'm not good.
    ~ I used long to be exceptional, but I've realized that mediocrity isn't all that bad.
    ~ I live for two things: love and laughter.

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Interests (68):

90's music, aerosmith, american spirit cigarettes, anne lamott, avocados, blogging, buffy the vampire slayer, cats and dogs and other cute furry things, chronicles of narnia, classic country, coca-cola, coffee, color, comfy worn-in jeans, cooking, diy projects, drawing, family, feminism, fried green tomatoes, gardening, gay robots, georgia o'keeffe, glbtq, happy bunny, harry potter, hgtv, high heels that don't hurt like a mother, jen lancaster, jodi picoult, juxtapoz magazine, kids, laughing really loud, libraries, long hair, love, marilyn manson, marriage, martha beck, memoirs, modern art and architecture, mysticism, north carolina's coastline, not killing plants, oprah, painting, pajamas, passion band, pasta drenched in heavy cream sauce, perpetual student, pretzels, redneck card, sex and the city, superbad, surfing the internet for hours on end, talking about god, talking to god, tea, the bible, the cure, tomatoes, tori amos, typography, u2, watching stupid movies, will & grace, writing, yuengling lager
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